Bike for Beards


The Bike for beards event

Event Details:

  1. 6:00 - Gather at Provo City Library, get beard garb, stickers, etc...
  2. 6:20 - Leave the Library en route to campus
  3. 6:35 - Deliver letter of support to the ASB
  4. 7:00 - After party details TBD

Event Timeline

mission & vision

We want to band together and see a campus in the near future with more beards on it and fewer men being turned away from various campus services because they didn't shave that day.


Come to the event or contact to see how you can help


Our Bike for Beards event is going to be Epic!

Date: 9/26/2014

Time: 6:00 pm

Address: 550 N University Avenue Provo, UT 84606


a letter from beards to BYU

Dear BYU,

I miss you.

Just yesterday, I was running my fingers through my short bristly hairs while pondering our long relationship. 

I miss the days when I was with Brigham Young all the time. I think him and I were together more than any of his wives. You and I were close back then, we were often with Karl G. Maeser, Warren Dusenberry, George Q. Canon and many of our other close friends. Those were the days, but I feel like we just slowly drifted apart. By the 1950's, I felt completely neglected.

The 1960's and 70's were a crazy time. I was feeling down and what started as finding comfort in the music of Neil Young and The Grateful Dead led to a lot of time spent in dark smokey rooms with ubiquitous amounts of tie-die and pony tails. I know you didn't appreciate me hanging out with, "the wrong crowd" and protesting the Vietnam war and all but I was honestly so hurt when you banned my presence and ran off with one of my closest friends... mustache. 

Well Mustache and I have made ammends. We're close again. This made me feel a lot better but I still feel like I never got closure from the whole string of events. Contrary to proper Provo etiquette you left me without even driving me to squaw peak for a DTR. You put up some form of restraining order you called the honor code and left me with visitation rights only if accompanied by those riddled with dermatological problems. When some of our mutual friends tried to sneak my little brother, 5 o'clock shadow, in with them to take a test you made them go home and shave... again. That Hurt.

However I'm writing to say that I would like to take the high road. I forgive you. Plain and simple. One of our mutual friends, Jesus, once said, "forgive and ye shall be forgiven" I hope that this is the result, and that we may once again be close friends.